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The Majority of DUIs in Utah Occur in the Salt Lake City Area

DUI Defense in Salt Lake City, UtahInterviewer: What counties and cities do you primarily practice in?

Phil Wormdahl: I cover the entire state of Utah but generally the majority of my cases are in Northern Utah. And that’s not necessarily because I have a preference for representing people in one court or one county or another, but it has more to do with the fact that the majority of the DUI arrests happen in Salt Lake County, which is the capital city county.

The majority are there and then the second, third, and fourth place in no particular order would be Davis in Weber County, and then Utah County, Tooele County, and Summit County  and those are all again Northern Utah counties.

The only sort of exception to that being Washington County, which is the southernmost county in Utah that I would represent a defendant in. And Washington County does have their share of DUI’s as well, though it is a significantly lower number than up here in Salt Lake County.

Interviewer: Now is there any speculation as to why perhaps Salt Lake County may have a higher number?

Salt Lake City Has a Larger Population Than Other Areas of Utah and Law Enforcement Will Cite DUI Offenders

Phil Wormdahl: I think probably the biggest two reasons would be: 1) that the capital county does have the bigger population base, so there are just more people here, and 2) I speculate that the enforcement up here is a little bit more robust.

I think that the Utah state law enforcement includes the highway patrol, as well as municipal law enforcement—Salt Lake City PD, South Salt Lake City PD or the unified police department—that they’re actually just vigorously performed more DUI enforcement than may be performed in a lot of the other counties in the city.

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