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Mother Accused Of Putting Her Day-Old Daughter In Trash Appears In Court

On Wednesday 10 September, a mother accused of leaving her newborn baby to die in a trash can appeared in court as her attorneys asked a judge for more time to understand what the reason was.

23-year-old Alicia Marie Englert made her first appearance in court in Salt Lake City, Utah, where her lawyers said that they needed more time to investigate the 23-year-old’s mental condition.

According to her family, she has a learning disability and didn’t understand what she did wrong.

Englert, whose baby daughter miraculously survived the ordeal after she was found and rushed to hospital in serious condition, is scheduled to appear in court again next month.

She is being held on $500,000 bail and faces up to life in jail if convicted of attempted murder.

She explained that she gave birth to her baby girl in a bathroom of her family’s home around midnight on 24th of August, according to the prosecutors and after that she wrapped the baby in a towel and left it on the floor of the bathroom. She left for work the next morning while leaving the baby alone without feeding her or seeking medical care for her. When she returned home from the job, she again left the baby girl on the bathroom floor.

The next day at about 6am, Englert put the baby in her neighbor’s trash can, hiding her under the trash bags. Prosecutors said that her lack of care shows she deliberately attempted to kill the child.

A neighbor heard the sound of what she thought was a purring cat in her trash can and when she moved some of the bags, she saw the baby under the garbage bags.

The baby was suffering from hypothermia and respiratory distress. She has since improved and is now in stable condition, according to the Unified Police.

Salt Lake County Attorney Sim Gill said, “It’s certainly a testament to how resilient these babies can be. It’s quite remarkable that the baby is doing well and is improving steadily.”

A photo album of Englert was published by FOX13 in which she was allegedly drinking alcohol, dancing and clubbing – “potentially within the same window of time that she was pregnant,” said the station.

Gill said that the Investigators don’t believe that the other family members knew about the baby being in the house.

Robert Englert, Englert’s father, said that his daughter has only just recently started to realize what she had done. “She doesn’t even realize that it’s a crime and it’s bad. Even when the police were taking her to jail, she thought they were taking her to her room”. He also said that he didn’t know who the baby’s father was.

Last week, Tammy Englert, the woman’s mother told The Deseret News that her daughter didn’t understand what had happened and what she did because she is mentally sick.

“We tried to explain it to her, and she didn’t realize it was that bad what she had done”.

She said her daughter had gained weight in past few months, but didn’t know that Alicia Englert was pregnant.

“I’m not going to tell my daughter, “You’re fat, and lose some weight”,’ she told the newspaper. “How do you do that?

Gill said they had no proof of any disability and that it was not a factor in his decision about charges of Englert. If Englert suffers from any mental condition, that problem will be dealt with as the case moves through the courts, he added.

News Source: www.SLTrib.com

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