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Timeframe for Divorce Proceedings

Interviewer: How long can divorce proceedings take?

Danielle Hawkes: It can go anywhere from 90 days. We can do it more quickly if there is domestic violence involved, but typically most people are not prepared to address every single issue within 90 days and they go anywhere from six months to two years. I would say that is typical. Certain families are just not able to come to agreements and they last several years.

Our firm will move to have a trial before it gets to that point, but some cases that I’ve gotten from other attorneys are in their sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth year.


Interviewer: Can you talk a little about mediation?

Danielle Hawkes: Some mediation amasses to talk and other agreements as something they can use before trial. It’s something the court generally requires before trial. We can use it before the divorce is filed, or we can use it after the divorce is filed, and it can be used very strategically on one issue or on the entire case. It’s really a way to hammer out all the details of the divorce in one day. It’s a great cost-saving tool in a lot of cases.

Interviewer: You can do both?

Danielle Hawkes: Yeah, absolutely. We do mediation all the time.