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Common Types of Divorce Clients and Reasons for Divorce

Interviewer: What kinds of people tend to call you? Do you do what they want? If somebody calls you and says they want to tear up the other person and make them pay, will you take those kinds of clients?

Danielle Hawkes: I will take those; they are more infrequent than people probably think. I think people and families that are going through divorces and difficult custody battles are at the hardest time of their lives and may definitely need someone to talk to. I think after they are given the time to talk through some of their issues then we can work together and pinpoint a strategy and goals and things like that. By the time we get to that point, most people have been talked down off the ledge a little bit and come to some more reasonable stances.

If people have their reasons and they need to be more cutthroat – I have quite a lot of clients who have been in domestic violence situations and things like that –then certainly I’m going to help them do that. Any way that I can empower a client, especially in cases where they have been powerless for maybe decades, and to the extent that I empower that person and give them a sense of firmness of ground, then I’m certainly willing to take that position.

Reasons for Divorce

Interviewer: What is the main reason people come to you seeking a divorce?

Danielle Hawkes: Everything. It’s just the colorfulness of life. People will go through different things.

Interviewer: There is nothing that you hear more often than others?

Danielle Hawkes: I see a lot of issues with drugs and alcohol. I represent people who have problems with drugs and alcohol. I represent people whose spouses have fallen to issues of drugs and alcohol. Those cases really take some thought into working out, especially when custody is an issue. There are a lot of different techniques we can use when drugs and alcohol are part of the problem. Whether it is the person that’s hired me has the issue or the person we’re against has the issue, we can definitely employ some strategy that helps those people out.

Interviewer: What about the infidelity – is that a major contributor to the divorce?

Danielle Hawkes: Yeah, I definitely think it’s a big deal. When you’re talking about custody it doesn’t play a big factor unless the kids are getting involved in some way. When we move into the areas of alimony, and especially with complex alimony cases, infidelity is certainly a question that needs to be answered and explored more thoroughly.