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Hit And Run Cases In The State Of Utah

Personal Injury Defense in UtahInterviewer: What happens in a hit-and-run kind of case?

Robert Cummings: As the name implies, if you’re driving and somebody hits you and they leave the scene of the accident. You don’t have their license plate, you don’t have any of that type of information. You ultimately can’t file a police report, or the police can’t track the person down, you can make a claim on your own insurance. Likewise, if you get hit by somebody and they don’t have insurance, you can make a claim against your own insurance for under-insured or uninsured motorists, and seek compensation from your own insurance. Since I’ve been doing this litigation, I myself have upped my limits on my insurance. Most personal injury attorneys have upped their limits on their own personal insurance, because you don’t know if you get hit by somebody, if they don’t have insurance, you could be left uncompensated unless you have good insurance on your end, for un-insured or underinsured motorists, and good personal injury protection insurance as well.

It is Necessary To Compile and Gather All Evidence Available in a Hit and Run Scenario

If it is a hit-and-run, there are things that attorneys or anybody else can do is take the steps to try to find the person. File the police report, talk with the police. If you can see their license plate, immediately write it down. Write down all characteristics of the car that you know of. Look around and see if there are any convenience stores, like if you’re at a stop light, convenience stores have surveillance cameras. This is the same investigation that police go through. The convenience stores might not voluntarily turn over the camera, but you can let the police know that there was a Wells Fargo on the corner; they probably have cameras. There’s a 7-11 across the street; they probably have cameras. That’s the process that the police would go through, to try to track down the person and charge them for whatever driving violations, and then you’d have leaving the scene of a crime, and the charges start racking up against the person.

Typical Injuries that Require Litigation in the State of Utah

Interviewer: Any specific types of injuries that occur? In Texas, for instance, there’s a lot of oil field injuries. Is there anything similar to that in Utah?

Robert Cummings: There’s a lot of financial fraud in Utah. There’s a lot of Ponzi schemes, multi-level marketing and what have you, and issues along those lines, and then the harms that those cause. There’s law suits filed when the various alleged Ponzi schemers get charged criminally. There’s civil law suits filed, usually on behalf of at least one of the investors, if not more, trying to recover the money from the financial fraud. I think that probably happens here disproportionately more per capita than in other states. I don’t have a fact, and I only say that anecdotally, but as for personal injury, unlike Texas or North Dakota or even Louisiana, where you have an industry that employs a lot of people, such as oil and gas, the primary industries in Utah don’t necessarily lend themselves to workplace injuries of that nature.

Outdoor Recreational Type Injuries Such as Skiing Accidents are Common in Utah

I have a case like this right now, ski resorts, ski injuries. I was reading yesterday on verdicts and settlements, and discussing crashes by people skiing and snowboarding, and trying to hold the responsible party liable. Going after the ski resorts for creating unsafe conditions, and stuff of that nature. Yeah, we do have outdoor recreational-type injuries, most certainly. I don’t know why they didn’t come to my mind. As I was thinking about the industries here, and staring out my window at the mountains, I have no idea why that just didn’t connect in my mind.

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